• Access Control List
  • Wireless Client Roaming
  • WMM
  • HWMP+ Wireless MESH Protocol
  • MME Wireless Routing Protocol

Bridge Box router also features the NStreme proprietary wireless protocol that allows to extend the connection range and speed, when using BridgeBOX routers at each end. This has helped to achieve the current non-amplifed wifi link length world record in Italy. Also supported is Nsteme dual which allows the router to use two antennas at each end, one for receiving and one for sending.



HotSpot Gateway enables providing of public network access for clients using wireless or wired network connections. The user will be presented a login screen when first opening his web browser. Once a login and password is provided, the user will be allowed internet access.


A variety of Wireless technologies are supported. The most basic of them being the wireless access point and client. Whether it’s a small hotspot network in your home, or a city-wide mesh network BridgeRouter has you covered. Some of the features supported are:

  • EEE8O2.l la/b/g/n Wireless Client and Access Point
  • Nstreme and Nv2 TDMA Proprietary Protocols
  • Client Polling
  • Wireless Distribution System (WDS)
  • Virtual AP
  • WEP, WPA, WPA2 Encryption


MPLS stands for Multiprotocol Label Switching. It can be used to replace IP routing – packet forwarding decision is no longer based on fields in IP header and routing tables, but on labels that are attached to the packet. This approach speeds up the forwarding process, because next hop lookup becomes very simple compared to routing lookup. Some of the supported MPLS features:

  • Static Label Bindings for lPv4
  • Label Distribution Protocol for lPv4
  • RSVP Traffic Engineering Tunnels
  • VPLS MP-BGP Based Auto Discovery and Signaling


To establish secure connections over open networks, or the Internet, or connect remote locations with encrypted links, it supports various VPN methods and tunnel protocols:

  • Ipsec — Tunnel and TransportMmode, Certificate or P5K, AH and ESP Security Protocols
  • Point-to-Point Tunneling (OpenVPN, PPTP, PPPoE, L2TP)
  • Advanced PPP Features (MLPPP, BCP)
  • Simple Tunnels (IPIP, EoIP)
  • 6to4 Tunnel Support (lPv6 over lPv4 network)
  • VLAN — IEEE8O2.1 q Virtual LAN Support, Q-in-Q Support
  • MPLS-based VPNs

This means that you can securely interconnect banking networks, use your workplace resources while travelling, connect to your home local network, or increase security of your wireless backbone link. You can even interconnect two branch office networks and they would be able to use each other’s resources, as if the computers would be in the same location – all secure and encrypted.

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