SiP Trunk Provider – future of Business Phone System

Sip Trunking is one of the latest gifts of technology that has made a business phone system life easy and cost-effective. As a businessman, you care for 3 things above all.

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Costs and Profits

The best thing Sip trunking fulfills all of these.

This detailed article will explain all you need to know about Sip Trunking and at the end of this article you will understand a few things for sure

1) What is Sip Trunking and How does it Work

Sip Trunking can be best and easily describe as the procedure in which business phone systems uses an internet connection to operate instead of a traditional phone line.

SIP trunking transfers your telephone and Unified communications services over an existing IP network and replaces the hassle of telephones lines and wires. There is no hardware at all needed when using Sip trunking. A sip trunk gets installed over your current internet connection.

All the VOIP users can make calls directly to any phone on the PSTN without telephone lines by just connecting to a hosted PBX system.

Core Elements needed for SIP trunk to work

i) SIP trunk Providers: A reliable SIP trunk provider that provides the perfect service

ii) A phone system: Phone which has Trunk side enable

iii) border element: To facilitate the connection between your enterprise network and the PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network) or an external IP carrier network

With only these three elements any business can get rid of traditional phone lines and start boosting its telecommunication through Sip trunking. If you already had an existence IP-PBX then shifting to SIP trunk is easier.

2) Why it’s better from traditional phone lines

There is no doubt that the voice quality in traditional phone lines is superb and reliable but if it could be replaced with something similar and is much less expensive than it’s defiantly a better option. Let’s take a look at some points that gives Sip Trunking edge over Traditional phone lines.

i) In a bad or worse senerios like bad wheather or storm its usual that analog trunks gets disrupted and you don’t have any other option except to relay on phone companies. Even after paying handsome amount to these phone companies you need to wait several minutes or hours for them to fix the issue. But with SIP trunking you don’t need to worry about bad wheather or worse situation , the technology behind Sip Trunking help these situations by properly rerouting and prioritizing calls to different networks or phones.

ii) Like mentioned above Sip trunking does not require any hardware ie lines etc. Therefore it save cost of installation and maintenance of adding or changing your existing phone system.

iii) You can carry your phone number with you anywhere you like because your number won’t be bound to any location. In not idea case if you SIP provider fails connect to you where you are even then there is nothing to worry about you just needs an access to internet connection and it will serve as a temporary link to your SIP netowork.

iv) If you have a smart SIP provider like netone.io you will get free international calls based on your pricing plans.

3) How Sip trucking is Cost-Effective

If you are looking for a cheaper plan and looking to save yourself from monthly stress coming from phone bills then SIP trucking is your go-to option and here it explains why?

i) Sip Trunking allows you to only pay for the number of lines needed as compared to traditional phone lines in which you get locked into excess analog lines. In Sip trunking you only pay for necessary number of channels or only for minutes used and it saved handsome amount of money excluding all other benefits you get for example free voice calls between any offices on same VOIP system or free international calls.

ii) Sip connection send all data in one single connection and starts the saving right from there. Sip trunks alone are more than 25% cheaper than PRI trunks. Some studies revealed that switch to SIP by an average company saved upto 50% per month and the number would be much higher for an organization that has higher volume of long distance and internal calling.

iii) No Hardware Needed: Since no hardware and phone lines are needed it reduces the cost of it and save you the money for installation or adding more lines.

iv) IT and Maintenance.

SIP trunking is designed in a way that it reduces the need of IT and maintencance.

4) Is it reliable for my business

Sip trucking is the most reliable option for your business phone system. It’s developed in a way that even a bad weather or any situation cannot stop your calling system. In emergencies and system failure situations SIP providers can reroute services to a redundant data line or forward the PBX to mobile phones. Your phone can be used for communications and you can start using it in just a few minutes.

5) What other Advantages my business can have from it


Assuming you have a VoIP phone system or PBX that supports SIP, you can easily grow with your business without incurring extra costs. Call capacity can be increased on-demand to support unlimited concurrent calls, while ensuring you never pay for more than you need.

Works with Unified Communications solutions and other Systems:

The power of SIP trunking is that it not only just compatible with you IP-PBX or VOIP phone system but it can also be leveraged with other communication solutions like Unified Communications (UC). If you considering any phone system for future SIP Phone system already designed in a way that it can connect to it.

Easy Installation:

A New SIP phone solution can be easily deployed. And after initial installation, adding trunk is as simple as contacting your vendor. To add Cherry on cake If your provider offer other communication solutions, you will have one point of contact for all communication needs.

Reduce Number of Vendors.

Most probably your SIP provider provides other communication solutions for example PBX, Unified Communication and more. So it reduces number of vendors.

Helps your Employees:

Sip trunking can be good gift for your employees as it gives them freedom to connect with each other when ever and where ever they need. The call quality never gets compromised based on their locations.

Instant ROI:

There are many technologies on which your business might not get return you expecting but with SIP you can be stress free and gets instant ROI which will be noticed on the first month of your calling bills.

Stress Free Management:

Managing Sip phone system is really easy and make you stress free from holding your mobile for several minutes to speak to a customer server representative. Sip and Voip phones offer complete solution portals on which actions like adjustment call routing, adding phone lines or changing extensions is super simple.

6) How to select the right SIP provider for your business

So if you finally decided to make a right switch towards SIP trunking for your business phone system now you need to select the right SIP provider. To select your Sip provider you need to keep few things in mind.

1) Security:

When things are carried over internet then security is the top concern. Its really important to keep proper security measures to keep your whole data safe. As every data is carried over internet you need to make sure with your provider that your SIP trunk is secured with a solid protected network.

2) Number Porting:

If you want to keep your existing phone number you need to make sure your provider is capable of number porting.

3) Customer Service:

Even thou Sip trunking is smart enough to support itself with its functions to overcome bad situations but in a blue moon situation when everything fails you and you need to contact your provider make sure there customer service is instant because at Netone we believe 5 mins outage could be extremely costly and stressful.

4) Pricing:

Pricing for any service depends on the providers and with SIP it varies with different providers. You are making switch to SIP and one of the reason to do so is its cost saving so make sure your provider is not charging you high while giving a perfect quality. However, some cheaper providers gives service for cheap but there quality of service is not efficient, so you need to make sure you select a provider who is reasonable in price and efficient in quality.

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